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101 bonfire betty

Bonfire Betty

ABV 6.9
Style Cider Sour
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Product Description

Rum Aged Wild Cider - No Sugar - Gluten Free - 6.9%

Spiritous and bold, witha burning desire desire to please any palate, this seasonal cider is a blend of English Bittersweet and American Heirloom apples, then rum aged and steeped on our house smoked apples.  Each bottle is conditioned with pure maple syrup to deliver a naturally sparking finish.  Get ready to inhale this distinctly smokey libation, savor it while sipping fireside with friends, pair it with fine cheddar cheese for the ultimate Autunm treat. 

Ingredients:  Bittersweet Apples, American Heirloom Apples, Rum, Maple Syrup